Jovan Van Drielle is constantly inventing
new ways to succeed.


Jovan van Drielle is in the business of Product branding and Promotion, but as with most highly innovative people, she ends up doing much more than that. For the past 25 years, Jovan as been at the helm of Geminus inc., where she designs new and unique products, and creates incredible event campaigns for the likes of Francis Ford Coppola. but she doesn’t stop there!

A few years ago, Jovan received an iPad for her birthday, but she wasn’t satisfied with the case. it was expensive and wasn’t multi- functional, as she had hoped. When she didn’t find the case she wanted, she realized she would need to design it herself. according to Jovan, the case was her most successful invention because it was personal. as soon as people saw it, they wanted their own. but she knew she’d have to get it reviewed in order to mass-produce and sell it around the world. so when a writer from iPhone/iPad Magazine fell head-over-heels for it, (after having sworn eternal devotion to his original case), Jovan knew she had a winner.

When asked what sets innovative people apart from the rest of the pack, Jovan immediately replied, “they have an innate curiosity about how things work in the world.” in fact, this past summer, Jovan attended the “Curiosity retreat” in Gateway Colorado. Created by John hendricks, the founder of the Discovery Channel, the week-long getaway offered a gathering place for the curious to meet, and spend time with some of the greatest thinkers of our time; i.e., Deepak Chopra, M.D.; eric Drexler, best-known for popularizing molecular nanotechnology, and internet pioneer vint Cerf—just to name a few. Jovan’s time there reinforced her thinking about what she would like to do with her new business, tijon—a fragrance lab and boutique in la Jolla.

Jovan and her partner bought tijon at the end of 2013, six months after an initial visit to the fragrance lab for a birthday celebration. now, she’s learned so much about the scent business and she gains her happiness from making people happy; “scent memory is strong and will take you back to your childhood,” Jovan says. “everyone has a story about their favorite scent.” she loves to create sparks in relationships with these personal scents— changing the essence of the couple so that it’s almost like they are dating again after years of marriage. now, that’s innovation!