Got Happiness?


Tips for a better life at work and at play.

BY Debbie L. Sklar

It’s an age-old question: Do you see the glass half full or half-empty? It all depends on if you are an optimist or a pessimist. Do you see the silver lining in a bad situation or do you hide in a corner until it goes away? Regardless if you are a positive or a negative person, there is always some room for improvement, right? There are many ways to bring more joy into your life, as well as tips for being more optimistic in life and work; and what better time to start than a new year. Here are some options to hopefully help make your days and nights a bit sunnier.

Tips for a Happier You

Start the New Year off by smiling more. When you smile, others will smile with you since smiles are contagious. When you teach yourself to smile more, it will change your overall outlook. If you tend to feel stressed, simply practice smiling.

Be grateful for what you have. Most of the time we concentrate on what we don’t have rather than what we do have in our lives. Life is all about choices; you can choose to be ungrateful or you can choose to look around and be grateful for what you do have. Consider those who are less fortunate than you.

Give more hugs.  Think of a baby who cries—you would typically pick him or her up to comfort and give them a hug. As adults we often overlook the importance of touch, a hug, a massage, or even a shoulder to cry on—literally—can lead to feelings of appreciation.

Love yourself. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget about self-love. Putting yourself first can be self-preserving. If you find yourself feeling worn out, stressed, overwhelmed, and tired, with the amount of energy you spend giving to others, try turning the tables and give yourself the attention.  Discover what makes you the happiest and start doing more of it for you. When you are treating

yourself with love and kindness, happiness will flow from you and the energy it brings will be contagious to others.

Think About Your Goals

Everyone has successes in their lives, and too often we are so busy running after the thing that we feel we “need” to do that we forget to give ourselves credit for the things we have already done. This mindset works in your career, and your relationships, even your health and your wealth. Think back to the goals you set for yourself and how you reached them. Once they are reached, how do you celebrate these milestones? Journaling can be a great way to look back and remember your accomplishments. Simply reading about them will bring you happiness and a desire to continue good work.

Stop and take the time to really smell the roses and look at the sunsets. When you suffer times of stress, get out and take in your surroundings. Take a deep breath, relax and maybe take a walk.

Change your environment. If you always eat at the same place for lunch while at work, consider eating outside, mix it up. If you work at home, give yourself permission to go out for a walk mid-day.

Ask friends and family for feedback—be it negative or positive—you can learn from both. Keep in mind, feedback is another person’s perception of who you are. If you want others to see in you in a different light, here is your chance to change, thus bringing the happiness you seek?

Remember that learning ways to be happy can be rewarding in its own way, so get to it and put a smile on your face and pat yourself on the back for your successes.

The next time someone asks you if you see the glass half full or half empty your answer might just surprise you!