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Inspire Your Space

The new year calls for change so why not start with your personal sanctuary? A simple change can bring a brand-new feel to your dwelling without having to undergo a major renovation.

Local shops and boutiques are the perfect places to start when you are craving a quick way to revamp your home.


By Victoria Scavo
Photography by coast highway photography

If You Like: Something Out of the Ordinary

Where To Go: Newport Avenue Antiques,
4836 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach, 619.224.1994, newportavenueantiques.blogspot.com

Why It Works: Even those who may not like antiques can find something modern here, though it might be 100 years old — and that’s exactly what you want. “If you see something and it resonates with you, it’s going to look fabulous no matter what kind of home you have,” owner John Piatkowski says.

1. Vintage desk chair with red vinyl, $149

2. Large basket with branch root handles, $149

3. 18th/19th century Italian altar, $765

4. Spanish village painting, $169


If You Like: Mid-Century Accents

Where To Go: Ocean Beach Antique Mall,
4926 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach, 619.223.6170, antiquesinsandiego.com

Why It Works: With pieces spanning from the Victorian era to the mid-century, there is definitely something for everyone here. “Find one thing to plan your whole room around, or just an accessory,” owner Nancy Freeman says. “Mid-century is very hot right now. Ice buckets, barware and shakers are very ’50s and ’60s and great for entertaining.”

1. Liberty Blue dinner plates, cup and saucer, $7.5-$12 each

2. Vintage spice set with jars and rack, $125

3. Bakelite mixer, $34

4. Candy box, $35


If You Like: High-End Eclectic Pieces

Where To Go: Antique Warehouse, 212 S. Cedros Ave., Solana Beach, 858.755.5156, antiquewarehouse.biz

Why It Works: Keepsakes arrive here every day,
so if you see something that speaks to you, you
better snag it. Having antiques in a room also
brings passion to your home. “By adding an antique you mix the old with the new,” manager Christine Conte-Kraft says. “It lends some history as opposed to just having everything new.”

1. 19th century Victorian carved wood winged
gargoyle pedestal, $1,850

2. Two French boule side tables, $1,295

3. Mid-century modern Norman Cherner for
Plycraft, $675

4. French Louis XVI 19th century Berére chair
with pillow, $1,800


If You Like: One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Where To Go: Newport Antique Center,
4864 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach, 619.222.8686, antiquesinsandiego.com

Why It Works: Nowadays people want something you can’t find in big-name department stores.
“People used to be embarrassed if they found something in a thrift store. Now it’s about the hunt,” owner Craig Gerwig says. “People are proud of their finds.”

1. Gilded foral lamp, $129

2. Vintage Florentine clock, $145

3. Small wooden chest on stand, $139

4. Vintage suitcase, $39

5. Copper switchplate covers, $12-$32


If You Like: Beach-Inspired Décor, Garden
Accessories and Unique Gifts

Where To Go: Hydrangea Cove, 929 Turquoise St., Pacific Beach, 858.750.3567, hydrangeacove.com

Why It Works: According to owner Susan Christopher, little intimate touches are a simple way to revitalize your place. “Candles are a great way to freshen up your room. They look beautiful without you even having to light them.”

1. Dryads Dancing recycled wood frames, $34-$59

2. April Cornell 100% wool hooked rug 2 x 3, $66

3. Starfish wall hanging, $148

4. 17 x 17 shell trellis pillow, $26


If You Like: Glamorous, French Flare

Where To Go: Vignettes, 4828 Newport Ave.,
Ocean Beach, 619.222.9244, vignettesantiques.com

Why It Works: Elegance is in the air when you walk through these doors. “Our belief is to surround
yourself with what you love, pieces that you feel
a connection with,” owner Lori Chandler says.
“Not only will you have created your own
signature look, but your home will stand apart
with unsurpassed style.”

1. Early 1900s French girandoles with crystal chandelier $2,150 a pair

2. Light up star, silver or bronze, $30 each

3. Candlesticks $45 a pair

4. Black and white striped chair $450

5. Tin fleur de lis, $88


If You Like: Seaside Accents and Rustic Furnishings

Where To Go: The Faded Awning Coastal Interiors, 7464 Girard Ave., La Jolla, 858.456.7464,

Why It Works: A great way to kick off the new year is to look forward to warmer months. “Add bright colors along with coastal blues and white since springtime is just around the corner,” owner Cathy Allen says. Accent pillows can do just that as well as provide a mix of textures for some additional flair.

1. African mudcloth pillow, $230

2. If You Are Lucky sign, $50

3. Reclaimed metal whale, $60

4. Lapis bone mirror, $348

5. Upcycled organic cotton throw, $156


If You Like: Modern Interior Design

Where To Go: SoLo, 309 South Cedros Ave.,
Solana Beach, 858.794.9016, solocedros.com

Why It Works: Here you’ll find more than a
dozen distinctive boutiques housed under one roof, all showcasing fantastic home accents. “Throws and pillows are great to refresh your rooms,” owner Carole Carden says. “They add color and come in geometric prints. Plus, you
can change them seasonally.”

1. Twisted wood side table, $275

2. Giant globe, $398

3. Moroccan leaf poof, $225

4. Jennifer Price studio stool, $235

5. Early Showaera Vapane Ko-Dansa small personal
chest, $895


If You Like: Exquisite Touches

Where To Go: Martha Smith Fine Linens,
7717 Fay Ave., La Jolla, 858.459.8642,

Why It Works: If you want elegant and sensibly sophisticated accessories, look no further. And since winter months are ones for snuggling,
according to owner Michele Babcock, make
some warm and comfy changes to your room. “Grab a throw to read a book or lay on the couch with a diffuser in a floraly scent for ambiance.”

1. Matouk Lulu DK sheeting, price upon request

2. Antica Farrmacista diffusers, $75 each

3. Matouk Milagro bath towels, $45 each and
Anaii embroidered towel, $40 each

4. Lands Downunder cotton throws, $125 each