Your wellbeing has much to do with your
thought pattern.

 By Tracy Duhs

What does your online profile say about you? What does your selfie look like? We all have an image we project to the world. When you are alone and in silence, what are the true thoughts about yourself that flood in? Am I liked? Am I good enough? Am I attractive? Am I of value to others?

Thoughts have a profound impact on how we feel emotionally as well as physically. Being mindful of our thoughts takes practice but, like the rudder of a ship, can steer us towards a life destined for health or illness.

New research is discovering that our thoughts can actually be responsible for altering our DNA. If the thoughts you have about yourself and your life are negative, those thoughts can actually be wreaking havoc with your health.

As a wellness coach, I’ve had the opportunity of witnessing an interesting thread of commonality in my clients. Although many of them are health-conscious and committed to exercising, healthy eating, regularly juicing and supplementing, they are consistently unable to achieve vibrant health when they view themselves through a negative lens.

Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions that can activate your “fight-or-flight” stress response. When you’re wrestling with or running from negative thoughts, your body’s self-repair mechanisms don’t function properly, predisposing your body to illness. As the executive of your own mind, you possess the power to control how you think and how you feel about yourself.

It’s not easy to change, but the first step is to identify your negative thought patterns. Here are a few suggestions to help you turn towards a more positive mind-set:

~ Keep a journal. Write down 10 things you are grateful for each day.

~ Take the focus off of yourself by striving to serve others.

~ Speak words of kindness about yourself and others.

~ Be still and unplug by turning off all electronic devices one to three hours before bedtime.

~ Don’t hold grudges: forgive others and yourself.

~ Every time you look in the mirror be thankful for who you are.

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