Field of Green

San Diego Padres new manager Andy Green talks 2016 and how America’s Finest City compares to Arizona

By Christina Orlovsky Page

What excites you most about the 2016 season?

Watching the guys compete. We’re trying to do some things radically different this year – to have a culture where everyone has each other’s back and to put guys in positions to succeed. For me, it’s exciting just watching the guys blow through their own personal expectations and team expectations.

Is being a manager where you thought you’d be at age 38? 

I never gave a lot of thought to where I’d end up. I always threw myself into the process wherever I was and focused on making whatever team I was a part of the best it could be. I always enjoyed that. I think it’s better for anyone to focus on the moment, rather than thinking about the implications of the moment or where you’ll end up. There’s a lot that’s appealing about being in San Diego. Obviously, this is one of the greatest cities in America. It’s one of the most ideal jobs you’re ever going to come across. When I sat down with the ownership group and operations team, I immediately felt it was a group that understood what it takes to build a winner and I wanted to be a part of that. We have a team of people in place that’s going to build something special, and deep down inside my heart I’ve never wanted anything more than to be a part of something that’s bigger than myself.

San Diego really needs some good sports news. Do you see this as a year the Padres can make it to the post-season? 

As far as the expectations for this year’s club, I come very much from the school of John Wooden. He never talked about winning, he talked about the process. If you engage the process and focus every single day on getting better and doing what you can do to put yourself in a position to succeed in the future, then you’ll look up and you’ll be where you want to be. I’m not one who’s inclined to talk about end results. I’m inclined to talk about this moment, this day, what can we do to get better.

If you could describe this season’s team in three words, what would they be?

Intelligent, aggressive, opportunistic.

You came to San Diego from Arizona. What do you like most about our fine city? 

I always loved coming here as a visiting player and visiting coach. My family would make the trek over from Arizona. I love walks down the Embarcadero. We’d go over to Coronado Island as a family, so it feels like moving to a place I liked vacationing in the past. It’s as ideal as it gets. I’m just getting to know the peripheral parts of the city and I’m loving it. I’ve got three daughters that occupy all of my free time. This is a beautiful city, and seeing it through their eyes is special. I’m excited about being here for a long time. Ρ

San Diego Padres Opening Day at Petco Park is Monday, April 4, against the Los Angeles Dodgers.