Practice the power of mindful breathing.

Ease your mind, intuit

 By Tracy Duhs

With a caffeine jolt in the morning, we often power into our day: answering emails, texting, fighting traffic, and taking on our daily tasks. To add conscious breath into your routine may seem arduous, time-consuming, or downright non-essential. For a brief moment, let’s take a closer look at what mindful breath actually is, and why
it is so crucial for our overall health and well-being.

Mindful breath is simply this: stopping what you are doing for a moment in order to become aware of your body; giving yourself permission to just be present in the now; and taking the opportunity to fill your belly with air (like a balloon), then gently letting the air out. Imagine how that might feel.

Now try counting as you breathe. Inhale slowly to the count of eight, then slowly exhale for a 10 count. I want to challenge you to do this five times right now. How do you feel?

Next, take inventory of your body. Scan it and note the areas that feel tight. You may be holding tension in your jaw, hips, forehead
or someplace else. Where do you feel the tightest right now? Go ahead and breathe again but with the intention of sending oxygen to those tight areas.

Breathing mindfully for just a few moments can actually override your nervous system’s stress response and bring balance and a sense of serenity into any situation. When you experience stress
or feel anxious, do you hold your breath? Does your chest tighten up? Does your breathing become shallow? These are common reactions. It’s hard to believe that one of the most powerful, health-giving tools available to humans is free of charge, available at any time, easily accessible, and, most of all, simple.

When was the last time you took mindful inventory of your breathing in an agitated situation? Take your power back by being mindful and stepping into your next challenge with the harmonic balance of your breath flowing like the waves of the ocean rhythmically rolling in and out.

Why just live when thriving is just a breath away.


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