From Sauté Pans to Unique Jewelry Designs

Meet the founder of Made In Earth Creations

By Debbie L. Sklar

From chef to founder, head designer and creative director of a unique Australian-based jewelry brand utilizing semi-precious stones from around the globe, Bunny Bedi continues to dazzle.

“I’m a designer who is innovative, creative and loves the inner beauty of the gemstones that we use. I love to enhance them so that they can be worn and cherished like memories,” explains Bedi.

Born in Mumbai, India, into a big family and the hospitality industry, Bedi designs from the Made In Earth’s home base of Australia. He recently opened a store in Del Mar after visiting the city and falling in love with its beauty. Other locations include Venice Beach, California, Nolita, New York, and Saint Kilda, Australia.

So, how did he go from sauté pans to gemstones? It began in 1994 when he moved to Australia and worked as a chef.

“My granddad and dad moved to the city of Mumbai during the partition. I grew up in a family business of restaurants and hotels, and my grandfather was one of the first people to introduce authentic North Indian food to the city of Mumbai,” he says. “Following in my dad’s and granddad’s footsteps, I got into the hospitality business and became a chef. I have always been very creative with my cooking and could think outside the box. I feel like rules are limitations, and I like being innovative and trying something new in my cooking. I was always experimenting with fusion of the various cuisines.”

But then things changed.

“On one of my trips back to India, I was introduced to crystals and gemstones, and with $500, I invested in stock and went to Australia. I started selling at boutique flea markets on my days off. The whole science behind the gemstones and minerals really intrigued me. I started sketching my own designs and making jewelry, more artistic and wearable, art created by the Earth,” he says.

As a result, Bedi started gaining a reputation for his interesting gemstone jewelry and was approached by a jewelry store that wanted to stock his unique pieces. His dedication paid off and soon doors to Made In Earth began to open. By 2000, he had more than 50 stores all over Australia carrying his work.

But success never went to his head, as Bedi recalls:

“I still remember in my humble days I used to live in a studio apartment, working and living in the same space. I would have to move equipment and boxes to watch television as there was very little room. I had humble beginnings, and I will never forget my roots.”

As for what lies ahead, he always believes in being positive and can’t help it “because it’s in the blood in his [sic] veins”:

“I live by the lyrics of one of my favorite songs: ‘Things are going great, and they’re only getting better / I’m doing all right, getting good grades (clients) / The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades…. / I’m heavenly blessed and worldly wise…. / The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.’”  

Can we expect more Made In Earth stores on the horizon?

“We would like to open more stores in the United States, but we don’t want to lose the essence of what we have built. My clients need to have an experience when they visit my gallery and appreciate the beauty of what nature offers us. We always strive to provide the service and product knowledge to make it a Made In Earth experience. We live by the ethos of my business: ‘don’t look at the harvest you reap in the present; focus on the seeds that you plant for tomorrow.’”