A Breath of Fresh Air

Spring into this season’s trends with easy tips to transform your indoor and outdoor space

BY Christina Orlovsky Page

Spring is in the air! Indoors, outdoors and everywhere, the season of rebirth means a revitalization of your décor, your furniture and your entire living space to welcome warmer weather and encourage you to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer. “Spring is all about playfulness and fun,” says Corine Maggio, Principal Designer and Founder of CM Natural Designs. Here, Maggio shares her expert tips on simple ways to welcome the new season without revamping your entire living space.

Color Me Springtime
This spring, think pink, Maggio says. “Pinks and teal blues are always safe spring colors, but blush tones are really popular right now,” she says. “Blush is also really subtle and can translate well beyond spring. Add some into your décor now, mixed with teal or coral, and then mix it up with browns and gold for fall.”

The Power of New Pillows
It may seem too simple to be true, but simply switching out your throw pillows works wonders for refreshing your style. “What’s great is that you can just buy new pillowcases each season and reuse the inserts,” Maggio explains. “This can be done both indoors and outdoors, but it’s especially useful outdoors. You’re not going to paint your house every season, but you can add a new pop of color with your throw pillows!”

Fun with Furnishings
Maximize your outdoor space by using modular furniture like a chair with a storage ottoman or a table that folds up to make room for more seating when not in use. “One great tip is to use outdoor-quality furniture or upholstery indoors,” Maggio says. “That way, if your indoor space is too small to entertain, you can move some of your indoor furniture outside and it will blend in seamlessly.”

Outside, In
Finally, encourage your guests to enjoy your outdoor spaces by bringing some of the outdoors in. “One thing I like to do with clients who have an outdoor pool is place a fun basket near the front or back door with everything you need to enjoy a day at the pool: towels, sunscreen, magazines, flip flops,” Maggio says. “It’s a nice reminder to get outside and live a little!”

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