Two bio hacks you need to know

BY Tracy Duhs
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Evidence of summer’s arrival is all around us. The aroma of backyard BBQs, flowers in bloom and the lingering scent of coconut sunscreen are just a few of my favorites. My least favorite signs of summer are the relentlessly dehydrating rays and how the summer sun never fails to conspire against my skin. Protection from harmful broad spectrum rays is vital, but what about locking in the hydration during this dry season? None of us desires to walk around looking like lifeless, dull raisins, do we? I would prefer to be more like a plum: plump, hydrated, supple and full of radiant color.

Maintaining healthy skin throughout the summer months may take some effort, but have no fear, I’ve got your best summer skin care recipe covered using some fun and cutting-edge bio hacks. And it all starts from the inside out.


Healthy, hydrated skin begins at the cellular level, and no one knows this better than “The Beauty Chef,” Carla Oats. She is revolutionizing the beauty industry with her internal beauty cocktails. Imagine sipping on a fresh coconut infused cocktail blended with sparkling water, and all in the name of beauty. The Beauty Chef created sweet alchemy with her HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost when she married organic coconut water, aloe vera and lemon myrtle together into a delicious, bio-fermented probiotic drink specifically designed to support gut health and enhance skin radiance. Its super hydrating power helps to fill fine lines from beneath the surface and encourage radiant glory.

As Carla says, “It tastes like you’re on holiday and makes your skin look that way, too!”

With 33 servings per bottle, you’ll want to call your girlfriends over and have a beauty elixir party.


Locking moisture into my skin without using a heavy cream or oil has always been my dilemma, especially during the warm summer months. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than feeling the weight of oily moisturizer coupled with foundation on my face when it’s hot and sticky outside. Not to mention that many beauty products are laden with caustic chemicals in their ingredient deck. These chemicals are driven deeper into the body as they are baked in by the heat of the sun. So, what’s the alternative?

I love Environmental Working Group’s website, SKIN DEEP (ewg.org). This third-party, non-profit website helps you uncover the truth about what’s in your favorite beauty products. Since they are a third-party company, they have zero affiliation with beauty companies and provide the honest truth about real ingredients. I came across their number-one rated, clean skin care recommendation, Silk Therapeutics. Silk Therapeutics is a company that uses actual silk in their products to help heal the skin at the cellular level. They have a product called Purely Radiant that is a hydrating serum. This serum contains only nine ingredients—all of which you can actually pronounce.

Purely Radiant is a skin-quenching, anti-aging hydrating serum. It contains activated liquid silk, hyaluronic acid (HA), and vitamin B, ingredients that leave your skin feeling light, luminous and refreshed. It’s perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Here’s to happy, healthy summer skin you can glow about!