Best Sellers for a Tasty Summer

By wendy lemlin  |  Photography by Bryan Oster

There’s no better time than summer to work your way through the season’s best seller list. We’re not talking about the latest novels, however. Instead, we’re bellying up to the most popular offerings from our favorite eateries.

Broken Yolk

Broken Yolk Cafe

Introduced last summer as a tie-in with the Rio Olympics, the Açai Bowl became an instant winner and went on to earn a gold medal on the café’s regular menu. Starring energy-boosting açai berry puree, a trending superfood from Brazil, the bowl features bananas, blueberries, strawberries, granola and shredded coconut for a delicious tropical wake-up call. Add a flight of mimosas, and it’s brunch! 


Americana Restaurant

You don’t have to be a football fan to cheer for this Super Bowl!  With two poached eggs over black beans, sautéed kale, quinoa, feta cheese, tomato and avocado, this contemporary favorite scores popularity points for deliciously tying into today’s healthy eating trend. It looks great, tastes great and will make you feel great—this bowl is definitely a winner!

Waters Catering and Fine Foods

Whether you’re thinking picnic on the beach, delivery to your office or eat-in at one of the three café locations, the Smoked Turkey Panini is always a pleaser. Enhanced with Jarlsberg cheese, pesto, lemon aioli, roasted red pepper and arugula, this best-selling sandwich is accompanied by both a Greek chopped salad and refreshing fruit salad, ideal for summer lunching.


Elixir Del Mar

This Del Mar favorite is more than just an organic juice bar serving a full contingent of house-made cold pressed and centrifugal juices: the healthy salads, bowls and sandwiches rock as well. Destined for fame is the Juice Box, a refreshing serving of your favorite fresh-made juice or nut milk combined with a hot panini, such as the balsamic glazed marinated chicken on gluten-free quinoa bread with goat cheese, roasted red pepper jam and arugula. 

Harry’s Coffee Shop

On a hot summer’s day, chill out with a cold, thick, rich and creamy Silver Fox Milkshake from Harry’s fountain. What makes this treat so popular?  It’s the perfect combination of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, crushed Oreos and bananas, hand-dipped and blended the old-fashioned way. Go all-the-way indulgent with a topping of whipped cream—you deserve it!



Seafood is always a favorite choice for summer, especially when served with love—Italian-style! Seabass Zia Luisa glorifies a generous portion of local seabass with authentic international flavor, sautéed in imported Italian olive oil and garlic. Finished with a light tomato sauce and surrounded with steamed clams and mussels, the fish fillet rests on house-made linguini tossed in the juices of the seafood and a bit of the sauce.