Chilling out with cryotherapy treatments

By Jill Marr

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It may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but the term cryotherapy comes from the Greek words “cryo” meaning cold and “therapy” meaning cure. Cryotherapy was used as early as the 17th century, but is just now catching on as a way to decrease inflammation, alleviate pain and increase overall health and wellness. Brett Murphy, the owner and operator of La Jolla Sports Club not only swears by it for his clients, teaming up with a company called Chiltonic to offer the treatment in the Club, but he also uses it himself.

Q: What is Cryotherapy?

A: Generally, cryotherapy is the use of cold to ease aches and pains. Technically, an ice pack or an ice bath is considered cryotherapy. At the Club, Chiltonic uses a super cooled nitrogen vapor to quickly cool the skin and elicit your body’s cold response. The treatment itself lasts for only three minutes. Primarily, it reduces systemic inflammation in the body, thereby reducing pain and soreness. It can also increase oxygen levels in the blood, which increases flexibility and mobility and flushes lactic acid. And because it increases metabolism, it can lead to burning an additional 500–800 calories over several hours after the treatment.

Q: How is cryotherapy used at the La Jolla Sports Club?

A: Our entire purpose as a Club is to keep our community happy and healthy. Life happens and when it does, we need to provide something at the Club that will help our members recover. That way, they can keep training and stay fit. We are the opposite of a “big box” gym, as we want our members to use the Club and get results. The better they feel and the quicker they recover, the more opportunity they have to reach their fitness goals.

Q: Is cryotherapy only for athletes or can everyone benefit from it as well?

A: Originally, cryotherapy was used almost exclusively by athletes, simply because they had access to the treatment. I have a herniated L5, S1 in my lower back and found myself searching for a way to recover faster so that I can continue my passion of working out and lifting weights. Medical experts kept pushing me toward synthetic drugs and treatments with steroid injections, which all improved my body but came with too many risks. And I had had enough of the muscle relaxers and the anti-inflammatories that made me groggy. You don’t need to be an athlete to have pain or inflammation; we all are human. We approached Chiltonic to put their business inside of our Club, not only for my benefit, but so that my members could benefit as well. My wife and I are not only the owners, but we are clients as well.

So whether you are a professional athlete and are looking to recover faster, or you’re a “weekend warrior” who would simply like to manage pain and wellness—and maybe even drop a few pounds—it’s the perfect time to warm up to cryotherapy.