Bringing quintessential SoCal Cuisine to Bird Rock


From La Jolla to San Francisco to Miami and finally back to his San Diego roots, Chef Matt Richman has carried his love of California Cuisine with him wherever he’s cooked. Along the way, he has combined other styles to create menus that are fresh, seasonal, local and approachable. Earlier this year, Richman was tapped to take the reins at Beaumont’s Eatery, a 12-year-old contemporary-casual local hangout in the beachy-cool neighborhood of La Jolla. Here’s what the classically trained Richman has to say about his new role in his familiar hometown.

What culinary influences are you bringing to your new role at Beaumont’s?

Beaumont’s is already an established, popular restaurant in Bird Rock. What I hope to inject is my culinary experience growing up in La Jolla and owning a restaurant in North Pacific Beach (Table 926). I guess my style can be described as California Cuisine, using seasonal ingredients with Mediterranean/Latino cooking styles.

What are you most excited about in this new position?

I think the challenge of continuing Beaumont’s success with implementing my culinary style makes for excitement.

What is your favorite culinary trend right now? What is one you can do without, and why?

Open-flame cooking and using cauliflower I think are great trends. I’m not much of a brunch person, so the whole “Sunday Funday” brunch thing is a little tiresome. Give me a glass of rosé or a beer on a porch or watching a ballgame over the lines and crowds of brunch any day!

You were quoted in 2014 saying you’d always thought
you’d open a “quintessential Southern California-style restaurant.” Three years later, what do you consider quintessentially Southern California and how will that influence your menu at Beaumont’s?

I don’t think much has changed in three years. People still like seasonal, straightforward food. I think that is what’s great about San Diego!

What three words or phrases best define your cooking style?

Seasonal. Honest. Not Fussy.

Where do you like to dine in your time off?

Trust, Grand Ole BBQ y Asado, The Crack Shack, Civico 1845, Dirty Birds Bar and Grill, and Shino Sushi + Kappo.

What other hobbies or activities are you looking forward to this summer?

Trying to make time to travel and eat in North America; watching Padres games; continuing to play golf; and learning to smoke food.