Get back in shape after the holidays with boxing

BY Nora Byrne

La Jolla Sports Club (LJSC) has a new trainer who is ready to help you lose the holiday weight. Danielle Swaby’s passion for fitness came from her own personal transformation. She had gained weight after high school and found herself 20 pounds heavier when she moved back home after being away for four years. Inspired and encouraged by her mother, Danielle hit the gym, lost the weight and fell in love with fitness and boxing. And she’s looking forward to sharing that love with others.

What got you into boxing? I learned to box by working with a trainer. We focused on boxing, kickboxing and strength training. He taught me how to hold mitts. I fell in love with boxing and strength training. Boxing was one of the best workouts I had ever had. I loved how much it challenged me. I started to share what I was learning with my clients, and they loved it. A few years later, I started BOX CAMP—a small group training program at Equinox. This is the format I am now teaching at LJSC.

What does BOX CAMP entail? There are 12 rounds. Each round lasts for three minutes with one minute to rest, if you need to. Some of the warmup rounds include jumping rope, push-ups, pull-ups and shadowboxing. After the warmup, participants move to the heavy bags where we work on punching combinations. The last rounds always involve ab work.

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Do you have to be young and in shape to box? Anyone can box if they want to. It’s for any age and any fitness level. I’ve worked with kids, older adults, clients with Parkinson’s disease and women looking to get back in shape after pregnancy.

What are the benefits of boxing? Participants can expect to have their cardiovascular endurance and strength tested at the same time. It’s a full-body workout. You’ll realize you really need to use your waist and hips to throw the punches once your arms and shoulders are tired. Most people feel their obliques and abdominals in a new way. You can expect to burn 500 or more calories in a 60-minute class. It’s a fun and challenging workout. You’ll leave class feeling empowered, motivated, strong and stress free!

Do you need any special gear? Participants need 12- to 14-ounce boxing gloves and 180-inch hand wraps.

In addition to BOX CAMP, do you offer any other boxing workouts? I also offer one-on-one training, or I can work with clients in pairs. We are also getting ready to launch more classes for the new year! Email me at Danielle.Swaby@lajollasportsclub.com for more information and to stay posted!

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