Tricks to satisfy cravings, keep your system in shape and shake up your pantry

BY Kelsey Taylor

It’s time for mindfulness when it comes to what you put into your body! Read up on these tricks to clean up your diet without missing out. We’ve compiled a list of tasty, not-too-grueling shortcuts to tame the bloat and convince even the laziest, bedridden Netflix bingers to use these tricks.

See Ya, Sweet Tooth!
Two words: Energy bites! Late-night cravings aren’t going to subside, so trade your Ben & Jerry’s for these sweet treats instead. Not only are they vegan and gluten- and dairy-free,
but they won’t let down the nut lovers out there.

Clean Up Time
Try swapping your salt for spices like za’atar, paprika or cumin. It can be tempting to dump
salt all over your entree, but these spices will add colorful flavors to your dish, while still fulfilling your salt cravings. Added bonus, these spices won’t wreak havoc on your arteries.

There’s nothing worse than a bloated stomach right before you’re about to put on a fitted dress. The gas that comes after isn’t fun, either! Incorporate these foods into your diet to help tame the bloat:

• Ginger – incorporate in tea
• Cucumber – pair with hummus for a healthy snack
• Fennel – add to a salad
• Asparagus – roast as a side
• Dandelion greens – toss into a soup or mix into eggs
• Apple cider vinegar – use with homemade salad dressings
• Lemon – marinade your meats

Fiber-rich snacks like whole grains, flax, vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds and crackers will help circulate things in your gut. Fats like avocado, nuts and coconut oil are all “good” fats that can also regulate your gut!

Superfood, Super You!
Superfoods are foods that are nutrient-dense. Chia seeds are an anti-inflammatory, and conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and Celiac disease are all related to inflammatory diseases. It’s been said that chia seeds have more Omega-3s than salmon, and they can serve as a thickener in recipes because they’re incredibly absorptive. Try them out in your muesli, oatmeal, smoothies and granola!

Turmeric—that spice that gives yellow curry its vibrant color—is a superfood, too. It also fights inflammation and keeps blood sugar levels steady. A cousin to ginger, it can boost your body’s natural antioxidant capacity.

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Carbs, Dairy and Meat Cuts
You don’t have to be afraid of carbs, but incorporating a low-starch veggie substitute every once in awhile is a healthy balance that also allows you to get more fiber! Noodle substitutes, such as “zoodles” can include spaghetti squash or zucchini. If you don’t have a spiralizer on hand, you can buy pre-packaged zoodles. Add vegan pesto for an excellent dairy-free alternative to traditional pesto or chickpeas or meatless meatballs to make it heartier.

We’ve given you some tricks to tweak your dietary routine, so hit the kitchen rather than the drive-thru and try something new!

Protein Energy Bites
by Tracy Duhs, Wellness Designer

1 c. organic old-fashioned oats
1 c. organic sunflower butter (Unsweetened)
½ c. of unfiltered raw honey
½ tsp. sea salt
½ tsp. cinnamon
1 handful of organic raisins
1 c. of organic granola

Put the granola aside into
a separate bowl. Mix all ingredients except the granola together into a mixing bowl. Roll the mixture into bite-size balls and roll the balls in the organic granola that you set aside in another bowl. Put
the balls in a glass jar in the refrigerator to enjoy as needed.
the balls in a glass jar in the refrigerator to enjoy as needed.