Are your thoughts making you sick?

by Tracy Duhs, PHD, IMD

There is no question that the human experience can sometimes lead to hurt feelings, heartaches and circumstances that feel astronomically unfair at times. Here’s the good news: it is only through the meaning we attach to these events that carry the potential to change the trajectory of our lives. It has been said that we are shaped by our thoughts and we become what we think. Intense emotions carry a strong energetic vibration that has the power to transform our physical being if we choose to let the thoughts linger. Could it be possible that many “unexplainable” ailments are directly related to the words we speak and the thoughts we think?

Consider this: what happens in your body when you have an unpleasant thought or fear? Does your blood pressure increase? Do your palms get sweaty? Our cells are all made of the same matter, and all matter starts out as a vibration. Therefore, if we do some deductive reasoning, we can see that what makes us human is simply energy, frequency and vibration. This is why thoughts become things. We have the power to choose our perception in any given situation, and, therefore, the power to rewrite the story of our very own physiology.

Have you ever taken inventory of the thoughts that run through your mind on a daily basis? What are the recurring themes? Limiting beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams?

The first thoughts of the day are important for determining what kind day you will create for yourself. A simple tool you can use to help you understand more of your subconscious programming is a journal. Write your thoughts freely for the first five minutes upon waking. Fears, to-dos, things you are excited about, everything freely as it comes to mind. Don’t hold back. Be honest with yourself. Do this journal activity for a week. Once you have a better understanding of your thought patterns, you have the opportunity to improve the thoughts that are not serving you or your health. This is why keeping a gratitude journal can be so powerful. Taking the first few minutes of your day in gratitude has the power to change your entire being.


Start your day with gratitude.

Be mindful of the words you choose to use. Speak life-giving words of kindness about yourself and others.

Stay away from negative conversations and gossip. This kind of talk is not healthy and can exhaust you.

Start being more mindful of how you feel in conversations with yourself and others. As you choose your words wisely, you will find yourself rewriting your health story.