La Jolla based Realtor Linda Daniels pauses (briefly) to reflect.

LINDA DANIELS HAD ONLY BEEN IN REAL ESTATE for five years when she and her husband, Mike, moved from Los Angeles to La Jolla in 1980. She vividly recalls her first impression. I told Mike, “This is such a cute beach town. We could live here.”

They settled in easily, raised four children, and have never imagined living anywhere else.

“La Jolla has changed so much, and I think for the good,” Linda says. “It retains a sense of old California history while staying modern and attracting a younger generation. I love living here and I’ve enjoyed being a real estate agent who wants to introduce this fabulous lifestyle to people.”

When asked if her job as a realtor has changed through the years as well, Linda replies, “Tremendously! Beginning with technology. I started out using a three-ring binder to hold my listings. Each week, I’d pull out the listings that had sold and put in new ones. We had bound books and now it’s all on the computer. Fortunately, I have a great team including Marta, who has been with me 20 years, and my daughter, Regin, who helps keep me on my toes.”

Beyond technology, Linda has seen changes in the styles of homes. “Many ranch-style homes are being replaced with new construction,” she says. Land is also at a premium. “There aren’t many vacant lots, so buyers often purchase a house with the intention of replacing it. Naturally, this is a longer process, but it’s a common practice these days.”

In total, there are 16 neighborhoods in La Jolla. “One of the beauties of La Jolla is, it’s insulated,” Linda says. “It’s an enclave surrounded by the ocean, UCSD, Interstate 5, and Pacific Beach. There is something for everyone here: one of the nation’s best golf courses, beautiful beaches, the La Jolla Playhouse, great museums and art galleries, a major university, and hiking and biking trails.  When you’re in La Jolla, you don’t have to leave. And yet, it’s part of San Diego. People move here, and they want to stay forever. I love to introduce this area to newcomers.”

Linda has sold many homes in the coastal communities to the north and south. “Each community is special in its own way,” she says. “My goal always is to help people. I get really excited when I find the right house for my buyers and they fall in love with it. For my sellers, I’ll do whatever is needed to enhance a home, so they get the best possible price. Real estate is a full-service job and I look at myself as a full-service real estate agent.”

Linda & Mike Daniels
Linda & Mike Daniels
Linda Daniels Entire Family Photo 2020_atm_40