New wave treatments to help us feel alive again

Feeling like your body needs a recharge—or maybe even a major overhaul? Well, you’ve turned to the right page. A sluggish metabolism, low libido, and unexplainable weight gain are just a few of the changes we experience as we age. Fortunately, there are people like Tracy Duhs and Steve Martinez who share a passion for helping individuals who want to rediscover their “get up and go.”

Modern Wellness Advocate Tracy Duhs has always had a talent for thinking outside the box. As a functional medicine practitioner, founder of Hydrate at The Sanctuary Wellness Experience in San Diego, and host of the Hydrate podcast, she has pioneered an approach to natural health and wellness that integrates easily into everyday life. Steve Martinez, a certified physician’s assistant specializing in hormone balancing and peptide therapy, is the founder of the Restore Wellness Clinic in McAllen, Texas. Tracy and Steve have formed a partnership, expanding The Sanctuary’s scope to offer a range of promising new therapies.

Who can they help?

“Many individuals with a variety of symptoms will benefit from hormone optimization,” Steve says. “If you feel sluggish, often tired, or lethargic, it’s definitely an option.” But it has to be done correctly.

“Our therapies are tailored to what the body needs, but first we must fully understand you,” Steve explains. “After we feel we really know your whole story, we can prescribe the best course of treatment. If hormone optimization is in order, I usually recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as opposed to synthetic, because the hormones are a natural fit. Another exciting option is peptide therapy. Peptides are comprised of amino acids that act as signaling agents to stimulate the body to perform a natural function, giving us a tremendous therapeutic opportunity to help the body regenerate and repair itself.”

Becca Batista
Becca Batista

“When people ask me about Hydrate at The Sanctuary Wellness Experience, I say we help people come alive again,” Tracy says. “This is the new wave of restorative medicine. It’s a great time to get on board.”

To learn more about Steve and Tracy’s passion for helping individuals achieve optimal vitality, listen to their podcast, Hormones, Peptides, and Optimizing Health, on Hydrate with Tracy Duhs at tracyduhs.com.