We’re excited to feature OUTDOORS: Stargazing 101 by syndicated columnist Dennis Mammana in this issue. We hope it will inspire you to check out what you can see from your own backyard, and then plan an escape to Julian. The romantic grounds at Orchard Hill Country Inn provide a setting for viewing, and guests have access to binoculars and planispheres for light stargazing. The inn also hosts star parties with telescopes and guidance from amateur astronomers. Just 30 minutes from the inn, on the eastern edge of the Laguna Mountains, Mount Laguna Observatory is considered one of the best sites for stargazing in the continental United States. Orchard Hill Country Inn, 2502 Washington St, Julian 760.765.1700 orchardhill.com

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Robert Mackey & Fracesca Canales at San Diego Golf Carts Sales and Rentals | Noushin Nourizadeh
Robert Mackey & Fracesca Canales at San Diego Golf Carts Sales and Rentals | Noushin Nourizadeh


Looking for a unique way to spend the day with the family? Try cruising the streets of La Jolla in a street-legal four- or six-passenger electric golf cart! San Diego Golf Carts Sales and Rentals offers a fleet of beautiful eco-friendly rental vehicles designed to take you wherever you’d like to go. Drive to the beach, to lunch, to shopping—and be sure to take it up some hills to enjoy La Jolla’s majestic views. San Diego Golf Carts Sales and Rentals provides a great way for multigenerational families to enjoy time together because there are no barriers for those with challenged mobility. Who knows? After a day exploring La Jolla, you may want to own a golf cart of your own. They can help you with that, too. San Diego Golf Carts Sales and Rentals, 450 Pearl St, La Jolla 619.784.6200 sandiegogolfcart.com


Just a few storefronts down Cedros Avenue may not sound like a big move, but it was for Village Consignment. By making the move at the first of the year, they increased their space by at least half, meaning they have much more room to display their collection! The new, brighter space is ideal for showcasing their treasury of one-of-a-kind artwork, furniture, and so much more. So, calling all consigners and consignees! Look for the sign in the window and get ready to be wowed. Village Consignment, 415 S. Cedros Ave, Ste 160, Solana Beach 858.847.0345 facebook.com/villageconsignmentinc



We all know that we should floss regularly. Our mouths are havens for bacteria that form plaque, which results in tooth decay and gum disease. But how can we turn it into something we like to do? Dr. Sarah Winter thinks she’s found the answer: CocoFloss. It’s made with more than 500 interwoven filaments, giving it maximal surface area to snatch plaque and debris from between the teeth and gums. It’s strong but flexible, so it won’t rip or shred. And it glides against the gums, so it feels like a massage. Best yet, CocoFloss comes in exotic fragrances like fresh coconut, pure strawberries, and vanilla bean. “Many of my patients say they’re addicted, which has improved their overall dental health,” Dr. Winter says.

Sarah Winter Dental, 7776 Ivanhoe Ave, Ste 100, La Jolla 858.454.1500 sarahwinterdental.com


In Japanese, the word “kangen” means “return to origin.” Kangen Water is a powerful, naturally alkalized, anti-inflammatory water properly structured to hydrate on a cellular level. When Randy Gruber, the owner of Elixir in Del Mar, discovered the benefits of Kangen Water, he was so impressed, he decided to start making it, bottling it, and using it in the beverages he serves. According to Randy, Kangen Water delivers a long list of powerful health benefits including the promotion of weight loss; energy and endurance; heart health and antiaging; normalized blood pressure, insulin, and blood sugar levels; the release of body fat and stored toxins; faster muscle recovery; healthier bones, digestion, and gut health; relief of asthma; the reduction of respiratory infection and chronic pain; and glowing skin. No wonder Randy and his team take the time to make it through an ionizing and filtration process at Elixir! We’ve done our own taste test, and we think that Kangen Water is a fresh, clean, and great tasting way to pursue optimal health. We think you’ll agree! Elixir, 1446 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar 858.793.4663 elixirdelmar.com

Noushin Nourizadeh
Noushin Nourizadeh


Need a little retail therapy? We’re happy to report that La Jolla’s premier retail experience is alive and well! Besides two fantastic restaurants, an espresso and wine bar, and an organic plant-based eatery; a chocolatier; a fine jeweler; a residential estate firm; a medical spa; and salons for spray tanning, hair, and brow services, there are two new shops to discover! Pure Barre La Jolla offers fabulous high-intensity, low-impact endurance and strength workout classes taught by carefully trained instructors to help strengthen, lengthen, and tone your muscles for a stronger and leaner physique. At StretchLab, you can look forward to getting a deeper stretch than you can ever achieve on your own, thanks to its team of highly trained flexologists. Great whenever you want to improve performance, reduce joint pain, or simply get a good stretch. First check to confirm hours and conditions of operation, then start exploring. La Plaza La Jolla, 7863 Girard Ave, La Jolla 888.555.1234 laplazalajolla.com


No more sad faces as you put on your bike helmet and head for the door. The Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat is a fun way to safely take your dog (up to 25 pounds) along on bike rides! Buddyrider is mounted over the bike’s center—instead of the front or rear—so your dog’s weight has virtually no effect on handling. Your buddy is strapped in comfortably where you can see him or her at all times. Retail price is $188, cushion included. Time to go for a ride! Pedego Electric Bikes, 5702 La Jolla Blvd, Ste 101A, La Jolla 858.291.8845 pedegolajolla.com

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With the repeated opening and closing of San Diego hair salons, it hasn’t been easy keeping our hair healthy and looking its best. Thankfully, Details SalonSpa, an Aveda concept salon, offers the full line of Aveda products on its website. Stock up on your favorite 100 percent vegan products for hair, skin, and body care, as well as makeup, and arrange for curbside delivery! Details SalonSpa, 4993 Niagara Ave, Ste 205, Ocean Beach 619.222.6777 detailssalonspa.com


Give your garden beautiful boost!

1.  BELINDA’S BLUSH Light, creamy pink color, fruity, moderate raspberry fragrance, thornless canes

2. ENCHANTED PEACE Yellow to pink bicolor, strong fragrance, great in containers

3. FUN IN THE SUN Yellow double blooms, resistant to mildew and rust

4. PAINTED PORCELAIN Pinkish white, sweet fragrance, resistant to powdery mildew and rust

5. PINK SUNBELT HORIZON Bright yellow fading to deep pink/cherry red, excellent disease resistance

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