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PIRCH’s real lifestyle home showrooms bring design ideas to life

When PIRCH recently opened two new showrooms in Solana Beach’s Cedros Design District, they brought in everything but sand from the beach. That’s because PIRCH provides more than chic showrooms for high-end home fixtures and appliances, they offer a forum for experiential design.

Beyond the typical vignette, which is commonly used in home design stores to show us how appliances and fixtures look when grouped together, PIRCH showrooms provide complete, working set-ups so customers can actually turn things on and off and get a feel for how they function in a real setting. The experience is similar to a model home visit. By interacting with everything firsthand, customers grasp the quality of craftsmanship and how the appliances will look and function in a real home. This provides a wealth of insight to homeowners, interior designers, architects, and contractors—anyone involved in making home design decisions.


Situated a block and a half apart on Cedros Avenue, one showroom is dedicated to kitchens and one to the bath (inside) and outdoor living (on an outdoor patio). Although it’s a pleasant stroll between the two locations, a golf cart is available to transport customers who would appreciate a lift.

To allow each customer the very best showroom experience, appointments are necessary and can be made online at pirch.com or by phone.


PIRCH Bath and Outdoor Showroom
202 N Cedros Ave
Solana Beach

PIRCH Kitchen Showroom
118 S Cedros Ave
Solana Beach

PIRCH Westfield UTC
4545 La Jolla Village Dr, Ste E-1
La Jolla