Kim Kelly talks fitness, health, wellness, and community

Meet Kim Kelly, the owner and operator of Kim Kelly Fit, which encompasses a boutique studio in Del Mar Plaza and a virtual studio. With a passion for practicing a healthy lifestyle, Kim is building a dynamic community for individuals interested in all aspects of body health including fitness, nutrition, sleep, skin health, sexual health, spirituality, and mental strength.

About her studio: What is the vibe like at Kim Kelly Fit? 

KK: I like to provide an environment that promotes community, fun, and accountability. Unlike typical crowded exercise classes, we focus on giving everyone the attention they deserve. My clients quickly become my friends and friends to each other. Together, they become inspired to be the best version of themselves. I love building a sense of community, and we have all kinds of fun special events and workshops to further strengthen our bodies and our bond. I am looking forward to hosting various wellness workshops at the studio this year. We are also bringing back popular events like Kim’s Tighten, Tone, and Toast class, where we finish with a champagne toast on Del Mar Plaza’s beautiful ocean deck, and Kim’s Beach Fit classes, where we start at the studio and finish at the beach.

About her other efforts: Can you tell us about Kim’s Virtual Studio? KK: I started Kim’s Virtual Studio at kimkellyfit.com at the beginning of the pandemic. Our members have come to appreciate the value and convenience of virtual training and Kim’s Virtual Studio now includes more than 200 on-demand workout videos. In 2022, we are planning to expand our reach and provide an app to make it even easier for our members to tap into our motivating fitness community.

About whole body health: What is most important? KK: Consistency and positivity! I have a list of non-negotiables which includes healthy eating and working out, and they must be adhered to consistently. I also believe that positive energy (your thoughts, what you say to yourself, and surrounding yourself with positive people) has a strong impact on wellness and longevity.


About nutrition: How important is nutrition in a well-rounded approach to health and wellness? KK: I believe workout results are based 80 percent on what you put in your body and properly fueling it is what will yield quick and sustainable results. This is even possible on a vegan diet. I am quite knowledgeable about nutrition and often share tips and recipes in my newsletter and social media. Recently I teamed up with Melanie Mediate of Mel’s Naturals, because she aligns with how I view nutrition’s role in health and wellness. We are both passionate about healing the body through diet, fitness, and natural remedies. I am so crazy about her vegan meals that I have started carrying Mel’s Naturals at the KKFit studio. Everyone is welcome to stop by the studio for grab-and-go smoothies, salads, and quick bites.

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