Ways to repurpose and upcycle

PHOTOS By Donny Michel

1 Framed music book covers, each $58 Village Consignment, Solana Beach

2 Handmade silver bracelet, $225 Cedros Soles, Solana Beach

3 Firehose fabric dog toys: ring, $14; handle with loop, $17 Decker’s Dog + Cat, La Jolla & Bay Park


4 Weihnachtsteller handpainted porcelain Christmas plates, each $85 Village Consignment, Solana Beach

5 Stella Neptune cashmere sweater, $159; Vintage 100% USA jeans with hand-embroidered flowers, $300 Cedros Soles, Solana Beach

6 Glass centerpiece with vase and silver plate circa 1880, $375 Bowers Jewelers, La Jolla

7 Upcycled wooden candlestick holders, each $70 Lavender Home & Garden Shop, Del Mar

8 Rambles Through Our Country. An Instructive Geographical Game For The Young, 1886, chromolithographed map with new linen backing, $3,400 BLR Antique Maps, La Jolla

For store details, see our Directory (pp 82-83).