Thoughtful gifts that say you care

PHOTOs BY Donny Michel

Sweetpea Children’s Shop

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Barefoot Dreams cardigan and pant set, $92, ribbed blanket, $79, socks, $18

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Rainbow Friends plush blanket $44, journal, $17, weekender bag, $47

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Monami Designs plush toys, $44–$48

Bowers Jewelers

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L’Objet The Haas Brothers Huggers box, $650

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Limited series Lalique glass decanter (#15 of 100 made), $3,950

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Roulette wheel kaleidoscope music box, $410

Lavender Home & Garden Shop

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Lollia Handcreme, $48, foaming bath, $43, eau de parfum little luxe set, $45

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The Cheese Board Deck book, $20; Bloomingville wood cutting board, $20; Stonewear and stainless stakes $28

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Mistral Bourbon Vanilla post shave balm $22, body wash, $28, parfum, $70

Between The Sheets

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Crystal clock, $999

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Christian Lacroix butterfly pillow, $229, tropical pillow, $189

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Duchess tissue cover $439, soap pump, $294

Pedego Electric Bikes La Jolla

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Pedego Avenue electric bike (two battery models: $2,495 & $2,745)

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Onewheel GT $2,200, Onewheel PintX $1,400

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Pedego Element electric bike (two battery models: $1,895 & $2,145)

Be Boutique

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Spongellé body wash, $24, boxed sponge, $20

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Bee glam coin bag, $28, clutch, $108, clutch, $108

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Beach Life pullover, $118; Hacci slim joggers, $118

Village Consignment

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Trade beads with African amber, $200; Amber, turquoise, and coral necklace, $225

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Jennifer Hurley painting, $250

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Bowling balls: large, $195; small, $125

The Bikini Shoppe

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L*Space bralette bikini top and bottom, each $106

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Woven poncho, $80; Trucker hat, $20

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Mini backpack, $38

The Faded Awning

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Mortar and pestle, $132 

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Wine flutes, each $22; Wine bucket, $122

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Marble cheeseboard set, $38

Decker’s Dog + Cat

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Large round wooden bowls, each $39

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Cat Playhouse scratching pad, $35

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Party Animal pet deodorizing candle, $26; Bay Park Doggie Diggz bandana, $30

Blue Apparel

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Kid’s pullover hoodie, $40

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Soft quarter-zip jacket, $55

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Woman’s full-zip jacket, $55

Cedros Soles

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Sugarcane body lotion, $32, body mist $22

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Aloha Collection Day Tripper bag $68, max bag, $48, small bag, $32

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Nat and Noor Coco hair claw set, $24

Icons Boutique

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Beaded bracelets, each $26–$44

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Designer-inspired ornaments, each $38

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Hanky Panky panties 3 pack, $72

Passion Fine Jewelry

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Pink tourmaline earrings in 18kt yellow gold, $4,600

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Happy Ankh Rockstar ring in 18kt white gold, $3,200

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Rubilite and diamond pear-shaped Cabochon pendant, $6,150

BLR Antique Maps, Inc.

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Ethel Chun’s Chinatown San Francisco, 1939, 21.25 x 16.25 inches, $2,700

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1902 La Jolla map of blocks adjacent to Windansea Beach, 25 x 20.5 inches, $2,800

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Decorative double hemisphere world map with California as an island, 18 x 12 inches, $1,800