With jewelry, size does matter.

PHOTOS BY Donny Michel
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1 Picasso jasper aqua druzy necklace in 18kt gold, $1,970 Bowers Jewelers, La Jolla 

2 Adrian beaded earrings, $225 Cedros Soles, Solana Beach

3 Adrian beaded necklace, $325 Cedros Soles, Solana Beach

4 Hand-embroidered fringe earrings, $129 Satori Designs, Solana Beach

5 Betsy Franklin vintage cross with melted African coin and sponge coral beads, $189 The Faded Awning, La Jolla 

6 Gold plated Ottoman-inspired earrings with true turquoise, $129 Satori Designs, Solana Beach

7 Hearts On Fire Illa Constellation diamond bracelet, $440,000 Passion Fine Jewelry, Solana Beach

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8 Hearts On Fire Illa Wraparound Comet diamond ring, $5,489 Passion Fine Jewelry, Solana Beach   

9 18kt diamond pavé ring, $6,800 Bowers Jewelers, La Jolla

10 Beaded necklaces with shells, each $30 CoCo Rose, Del Mar

11 African amber necklace, $85 Village Consignment, Solana Beach 

12 Hearts On Fire Fulfillment cuff diamond bracelet, $35,200 Passion Fine Jewelry, Solana Beach  

13 Hearts On Fire Hoopla oval hoop earrings, $8,789 Passion Fine Jewelry, Solana Beach

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