Three artists inspired by their surroundings

Mixed Media

Laura Cunningham’s unique art style combines enhanced photography with graphic design to capture the moods and overall beauty of the ocean. Her artwork is a natural outpouring of her background, highlighted by a childhood in a small Southern California beach community and an education and career in graphic design. Laura is inspired by the colors and ambience of the ocean. She enhances photographs that she has taken along the California coast and incorporates sewing, painting, and woodwork to complete a piece that creates a harmony with all these elements. Select pieces of Laura’s inspired works are on display at Satori Collective, where they lend an unmistakable sense of peace and serenity. Satori Collective | 143 S Cedros Ave, Ste B101, Solana Beach | satori-designs.com



San Diego native Eileen Miller has enjoyed creating jewelry for 20 years. Working with sterling silver and gold-filled metals and  semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, she crafts each piece individually. Eileen is inspired by the colors and shapes she observes in nature. She likes to stretch her imagination to create “unique and stylish, yet basic” earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Eileen personally visits vendors to select her materials so she can examine them closely and see how they feel in her hands. Giving back to the San Diego community is of equal importance to Eileen, so a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to support a major San Diego nonprofit foundation or cause. Eileen’s one-of-a-kind jewelry designs are sold at many major local fundraising events, as well as Be Boutique, the only retail store in the area to carry Designs by Eileen. Be Boutique | 7910 Ivanhoe Ave, La Jolla | beboutiquesd.com


Digital Art

Colombia-born Encinitas resident Doriana Sinnett is enthralled with the way digital art allows her to move from realism to personal expression. “It is phenomenal to be able to transform multiple images, combine them into one, and create a piece of art,” she says. In the same way a painter uses a brush, Doriana uses computer technology to enhance her images through photo editing, painting, and manipulating. She pushes the subject matter to extremes that combine reality with fantasy. To see these digital art pieces from Doriana’s Fashion Music-themed series, stop into Satori Collective. In Doriana’s words, “Each painting reflects the reaction of sound, its rhythm and harmony, which ultimately transcends into a story. Your story.”
Satori Collective | 143 S Cedros Ave, Ste B101, Solana Beach | satori-designs.com