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We can all benefit from some chiropractic love from time to time. Chiropractic therapy focuses on the relationship between the nervous system, spine, and the body’s structure and function. It addresses the spine and its relationship with nerves, muscles, joints, bones, and/or connective tissues.

The team of professionals at Café of Life provides holistic care for families in all stages of life, including gentle spinal adjustments for babies
The team of professionals at Café of Life provides holistic care for families in all stages of life, including gentle spinal adjustments for babies

“As a chiropractor, I access the nervous system through the spine,” says Dr. Carliana Carpenter (Dr. CC), who works at Café of Life in Pacific Beach. She explains that since the spine houses the spinal cord, which is an extension of the brain and sends messages to every organ and muscle in the body, it is important to make sure that those messages are not interfered with by misalignments of the spine. “With every patient, I work to identify and adjust any misalignment that could impact the way the body functions and the body moves,” Dr. CC says.

Dr. CC specializes in working with families and specifically women in all stages of motherhood, as well as with babies. She is part of a team of chiropractors and other specialists at Café of Life in Pacific Beach, a care center offering private breastfeeding rooms, a playroom, breastfeeding support meetings, and more. Café of Life provides an atmosphere that invites patients to connect with each other. Here, women can unite with others going through similar challenges, struggles, and celebrations.

Many of Dr. CC’s patients are pregnant. “I use the Webster’s Technique, which is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces nervous system stress, balances pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments, and optimizes the mother’s pelvic function in pregnancy and birth,” she says. “When the pelvis is in proper alignment, expectant mothers have a better chance at a more comfortable pregnancy, labor, birth, and recovery. There are many ways to deliver the same adjustment and I love figuring out what works best for each person.”

baby scrum adjusting _sml

Often, new mothers seek chiropractic care. “There is a major physical and emotional shift for both mom and baby, when the baby moves from the womb into the world,” she explains. “I modify my care based on each mother’s birth story and what she is comfortable with. Post-birth mothers often present with new misalignments or areas of discomfort because of birth, lack of sleep, baby holding, and breastfeeding. Getting adjusted can help mothers release tension and feel more at ease.”

A gentle low back adjustment
A gentle low back adjustment

Even babies benefit from Dr. CC’s expert hands. Since the baby cannot differentiate its own nervous system from its mother’s in the early months of life, it can be valuable for both mother and baby to be gently adjusted together. Dr. CC has seen positive results from chiropractic care for infants with colic, sleep problems, digestive difficulties, feeding issues, head asymmetries, and more. She applies her gentlest touch as she examines an infant for misalignment. She also checks the baby’s cranial bones and inside the mouth for any palate issues or jaw tension which can affect latching and breastfeeding. Any necessary chiropractic adjustments are done gently—with mother involved—every step of the way.

“What I do is very unique and also very effective,” Dr. CC says with a big smile—showing us that what she does is also very rewarding.

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