Three artists who lift our spirits with their creations

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Portal Painting

The term “portal painting” describes the process of creating a painting with the intention of bringing a specific prayer, wish, or desire to life. With the belief that art can heal people, places, and things, Sienna Browne uses her artistic practice to uplift others. Her portal paintings anchor a desired energy into a space through written inscription, organic materials, and color therapy. Sienna also provides healing sessions and programs that build on her commissioned portal painting offerings. CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Crash portal, $20,000; Door of Everything portal, $4,444;  Jesus print, $1,111; Ganesh portal $15,555 Satori Collective | 143 S Cedros Ave, Ste B 101, Solana Beach | satori-designs.com

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Acrylic Painting

La Jolla Cove holds unending inspiration for Alicia Quackenbush, who lives in a near-century-year-old home just walking distance away. She has always been a beach lover and when she first picked up her brush a few decades ago, she started with scenes of people enjoying the sand and sea. Alicia prefers working with acrylic paints primarily for their versatility and often adds elements to enhance the quality of the paint. These days, besides painting many requisitioned portraits of children, Alicia is busy teaching art classes in the light-filled studio at her home. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Reluctant Swimmer, $498, Beach Day, $698; Waiting Surfers, $450 The Faded Awning | 7464 Girard Ave, La Jolla | fadedawn@aol.com

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Ceramic Pottery

For the past 40 years, Mary Anne Davis has worked at the center of the ceramic art world, blurring the lines between art and life. She turns the simple act of setting the table into an opportunity for creative expression. Pottery, a seemingly modest medium, becomes a joyful celebration of imperfection. From the subtle hand-painted surfaces of her porcelain dinnerware to sculpted objects that explicitly declare themselves as art, her true galleries are the everyday spaces where we live, cook, and eat. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Grace $24; Tulip $26; Bliss, $24 Sigi’s Boutique | 7888 Girard Ave, La Jolla | sigislajolla.com