We’re Buzzing Over These Coffee Stops


Brick & Bell‘s drink menu has lots of enticing options. From lattes to espressos, Brick & Bell is known for their coffee. Photo Courtesy of Brick & Bell Cafe.


Pannikin is a family owned and operated business roasts coffee daily to bring you the freshest selection of single origin coffees and proprietary blends from around the globe. They offer a wide variety of house blends and expresso roasts. Photo courtesy of Sweeties Vintage.


Enjoy coffee with an ocean view at Brockton Villa! Some classic favorites are their Espresso Mocha and Cafe Latte, as well as  their “Blanco y Blanco” and “White Out”.


The Living Room is a great place to relax and enjoy a Mexican Mocha, Americano, Cafe Blondie, or whatever drink you prefer. They’ve got it all!