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January News
This month’s newsletter features a big change in the FACE family, access to our 2017 Annual Report, and a closer look at some of the lives we saved this December.
A Goodbye and a Welcome Back!
FACE is announcing that after seven years with the foundation our Executive Director Brooke Haggerty is moving on to another animal welfare organization that focuses on her passion of helping factory farm animals. Brooke has been a beloved leader for the past three and a half years and has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of our organization. She will be greatly missed. After careful consideration, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Danae Davis will step into the Executive Director position. Danae has served as FACE’s Grant Coordinator, Event Coordinator, and most recently our Programs Manager prior to spending the last year working for an emergency and specialty veterinary hospital outside of San Diego. We have every confidence in her abilities to excel in her new position and provide strong leadership, insight, and guidance to continue advancing FACE’s mission. We wish them both great success in their new endeavors.

FACE 2017 Annual Report
We’re excited to share all the details of what an amazing year 2017 was for FACE and our supporters. We celebrated many successes including over 1,900 lives saved and, for the first time ever, saving over 300 lives in a single year! We also experienced significant growth in our Humane Education and Homeless Outreach programs. 
The full 2017 Annual Report can be found on our website and here.
December Success Stories
FACE saved 18 lives in December and provided many other individuals and families in both the community and country with vital resources and education to care for their pets. Read on for some of our favorite success stories and check out more here. Also, stay tuned for the coming weeks as we prepare to save our 2,000th life!
Little Ollie ended up at the hospital after he decided to snack on something that was not food! His owner was in the middle of looking for a job, and Ollie’s emergency abdominal surgery was not possible with her limited budget. Thankfully, Ollie was receiving care at one of our partner hospitals and the amazing staff informed and assisted Ollie’s mom in applying for FACE assistance. We’re happy to announce that Ollie was able to receive his emergency medical care and is happily recovering!
Girl was taken to the hospital when her family noticed her suddenly unable to walk. Her owners were devastated to learn that without immediate surgery from a neurologist, Girl was unlikely to fully recover. As a young and otherwise healthy dog, Girl’s parents couldn’t imagine losing her, but the intensity of her care was completely outside their budget. Girl’s story is one of the reasons FACE is here! We love being there to give a helping hand and keep pets like Girl and her family together! 
FACE was contacted for help when little Rudy was diagnosed with a life-threatening urinary obstruction. Rudy’s mom had just transitioned out of homelessness, and was still struggling with making ends meet. She contacted us when she learned immediate treatment was necessary for Rudy’s survival. We heard Rudy’s story and knew he deserved a chance at a happy life! We were able to assist in funding for his life-saving procedure and we are proud to report that he is healthy, happy and back home with his mom!
Sandy is the companion for her disabled owner. When she needed surgery for multiple ruptured tumors, her owner was devastated to learn that he could not afford the treatment she needed. Sandy soon began exhibiting significantly more pain, and her dad was forced to consider the horrible reality that euthanasia was an option to end her suffering. Luckily, Sandy’s veterinarian contacted FACE to tell us her heartbreaking story. We were able to help Sandy get necessary treatment thanks to the amazing network of partners we have in the community!
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