KOI Wellbeing — IV Therapy

By Brianne Brown

If you are looking to achieve specific health goals, KOI Wellbeing in Bird Rock can help. Using intravenous (IV) therapy to meet a number of health needs including stress relief, enhanced exercise performance and liver detoxification, KOI Wellbeing takes a customized approach to helping you achieve your health goals.

IV Therapy is a method of administering vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream to maximize potency. Receiving high quality nutrients intravenously allows for higher doses of nutrients with optimal absorption. IV Therapy infusions are given by a licensed medical professional, and all solutions are compounded and administered in a sterile environment. Customers can choose from a plethora of infusions, including Instant Energy™, Peak Performance™, Forever Young™, Traveler™, and Power Detox™. A Healthcare Provider can also create a completely customized formulation that can deliver exactly what your body needs.

In November, I was given the opportunity to try out one of these “magic elixirs” for myself. Because my appointment was the same day I was scheduled to deliver a brief to a group of 50 Marines, I chose The Mozart Effect™ infusion, a formula that advertises improved mental clarity and focus.

When I arrived, I was greeted by professional and friendly staff who showed me to the infusion room and offered water or tea. The comfortable infusion room features reclining chairs and soothing music, and I immediately felt that I was not at a doctor’s office, but rather at a spa. Once I was settled in, Nurse Jacilyn took my vital signs and performed a health screening. The process was simple, and Nurse Jacilyn soon returned with my infusion bag. From previous experiences donating blood, I knew that taking a deep breath while the needle was being inserted would minimize any discomfort, and, before I knew it, the IV had started.

The infusion took about an hour to complete, and the effects lasted for quite awhile. I felt great, and the only side effects I experienced were the ones Nurse Jacilyn warned me about, which, she assured me, were completely normal. Next time I return for an infusion, I’ll make sure to eat a small meal before I arrive. And that presentation? Yup—I crushed it.

To experience The Mozart Effect™ or another of KOI Wellbeing’s IV infusions—their most popular infusion is Forever Young™, a formula that can help rehydrate, boost energy and battle the signs of aging—call 858.257.2808 or stop into their La Jolla Boulevard location today. Be sure to check out koiwellbeing.com/iv-infusion-therapy for a full list of infusion therapies.