Mikkeller Brewing San Diego brings a world of beer to our doorstep

In the city known as The Craft Beer Capital of America, it’s not easy for a single brewing company to get our attention. After all, at most recent count, San Diego County is home to more than 150 breweries and tasting rooms with countless beers to get excited about. But sometimes, we come across someone who’s thinking a little further outside the box, and they deserve to be noticed.

Mikkeller Brewing San Diego opened its doors six years ago this spring, after the Danish-based microbrewery, Mikkeller, acquired the Alesmith brewery plant in Miramar. The acquisition was an instant “win-win” for Mikkeller, who doubled their total production, and for San Diegans, who could start discovering Mikkeller beers and ales crafted in their own backyard. 

Fast forward to today, when Mikkeller Brewing San Diego is a multifaceted brewery producing around 15,000 barrels of beer per year, and home to two of fifty Mikkeller taprooms to be discovered around the world. The brewery’s international flair has blended well into the local landscape at its two locations: the brewery and tap room in Miramar and the tasting bar in Little Italy.


The production team is determined and focused, with an eye to making nuanced beers that work into their program of super fresh, hoppy beers, as well as classic European styles. Playful brews, such as Berliner Weisse Raspberry brewed with coffee and raspberries, and Beer Geek Breakfast, a core-range oatmeal stout brewed with whole bean coffee, are getting rave reviews. 

Visitors to the brewery taproom in Miramar can choose from twenty-four beers on tap. They can enjoy the outdoor patio or the sleekly decorated indoor space with tables, chairs, and bar tops made from Danish wood. In Little Italy, another taproom is tucked away in the neighborhood—a hidden gem with eighteen beers on tap. 

In keeping with the company’s stellar reputation for fresh ideas, Mikkeller Brewing San Diego has also devised a way for San Diegans to taste the freshest weekly releases at home. Beer Mail is a subscription service that guarantees the monthly delivery of eight different Mikkeller beers, including their freshest releases in one box. The price per month is just $39.99.

Beer Mail subscribers look forward to getting a taste of the newest and most talked-about brews, which is a great idea, since most limited production beers sell out fast. For more information or to sign up for Beer Mail, visit shop.mikkellersd.com.

Edited with Afterlight
Edited with Afterlight


Mikkeller has partnered with the HBO Game of Thrones series to make beers specific to the series and its loyal fans. New batches coming soon.

A classic San Diego West Coast IPA that is bursting with a balanced piney aroma. This IPA has brought a taste of San Diego to beer lovers all over the world.

Mentioned in the article, this is another core beer of Mikkeller SD. A fruited Berliner Weisse with Raspberries and Coffee.

A Czech lager brewed with ale yeast. Light and crisp with a fruity finish, it’s easy drinking and great year-round.