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Three artists with a lighthearted approach

Mixed Media

Longtime San Clemente resident and former paramedic and firefighter, Terry Murphy, creates intriguing artwork from ocean nature, cement, glass, resin, and other materials. He says that people give him ideas for art pieces and once he creates something, others want it too. He is constantly on the lookout for inspiring materials to work with and recently rescued a load of old, unwanted framed windows from San Luis Obispo wine country and Catalina Island. Terry treats each window like a canvas, applying shells one by one with diamond adhesive, to create unique and beautiful designs. The windows are in high demand at Bliss 101, where his mermaids, angel wings, sea creatures, Volkswagen buses, hummingbirds, and butterflies are also hard to keep in stock. Terry crafts his art pieces to stand the test of time and guarantees his artwork to last forever. Large (24in x 8in) seaglass seahorse, $250; small seahorse, $18; starfish, $28. Bliss 101 | 553 S. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas | bliss101.com

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As a lifetime resident of New Orleans, designer Alexa Pulitzer infuses her custom stationery and paper products with music, architecture, and travel from her native culture. Her drawings—often of animals—are rendered with much detail but an unmistakable whimsy. Alexa says she is inspired by friends, including her husband, who led her to create a tailcoat-wearing, martini-toasting lion. Among her best-known work to date is the state’s reptile wearing a majestic crown. All her stationery is made in her hometown using soy-based inks on recycled paper. Phyllis Lanphier, the owner of Sigi’s Boutique in La Jolla, says the stationery is popular with her clients, who appreciate the finer things in life, including writing and receiving a handwritten letter. 50 sheet royal lion mousepad, $20; royal giraffe note cards, $17; royal elephant notepad, $18. Sigi’s Boutique | 7888 Girard Ave, La Jolla | sigislajolla.com

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Graphic Prints

Daniella Manini’s unique viewpoint balances whimsy with vintage flair. Her fresh, tongue-in-cheek designs are inspired by her love of nature, color, places, feelings, and human beings. Daniella was born in Peru. As a young girl, she vividly recalls staying at a friend’s house that had a studio filled with paints, markers, ink, brushes, tracing paper, and sketches on the table. That’s the moment she decided that she wanted to be an artist. Daniella now lives in California. Her drawings and painting of graphic symbols and surf locations are reminiscent of pop art from the 1960s and Swiss modernism. Molly Rossettie, who owns La Jolla’s Hi Sweetheart gift boutique, showcases Daniella’s work because it always makes her customers smile. Art prints, each $28. Hi Sweetheart | 7920 Ivanhoe Ave, La Jolla | hi-sweets.com

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