Why this Mossy Ford general manager owns two

When the Ford Motor Company reintroduced the Ford Bronco last year after a more than twenty-year hiatus, no one could have been more pleased than Cole Lowenfield. Already the owner of a 1970 model of the original sports utility vehicle, he quickly bought a second, the 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak. We asked him to tell us more.


About his connection to the automotive business: “From day one, I have been in the automotive business. My father was a Ford Dealer in Texas for fifty years. It was always fun to ride next to him in the newest car or truck in town. When my sister Connie got a Ford Bronco in 1974, I thought she was so cool. I remember hoping I would get one someday. This business was the only plan I’ve ever had, from when I studied marketing and business and interned with the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, to now thirty-six years later as a GM at Mossy Ford. I moved here from Texas, boots and all, for this opportunity three years ago.”

About his knowledge of Broncos: “I underwent special training at the Ford Motor Company to become a Bronco specialist so I could help future Bronco buyers build their Broncos to the exact specifications they desire. I have a full understanding of every single feature and option, which can be very helpful. With some guidance from me, buyers can order exactly what they want and pick it up within six months with no additional markup over the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).”

About owning two models: “The Ford Bronco is an American classic and I love everything about it. It’s amazing how many people I meet have a fond memory or a story to tell that involves an old Bronco. And the new Bronco is a real showstopper.”

About the 2022 Ford Bronco: “It’s so fun to have people stop me all around town to chat about it. The top comes off and the doors do as well. It can go just about anywhere you point it because of its advanced four-wheel drive system. It’s big and wide with great instrumentation providing real-time driver information. There are lots of controls on the steering wheel so you can keep your eyes on the road. I’ve made lots of new friends with this truck.”

About connecting with the Bronco community: “Find me on the showroom floor of Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach, with my boots on. Mossy Ford has been owned by the Mossy family since the 1980s and the Mossys have been in the automobile business since 1921. Also, check out @sandiegobroncoclub on social media. It is the place to do everything Bronco in San Diego.”