The unique, local, and ever-changing Bliss 101


In the heart of the beachfront downtown of Encinitas, Bliss 101 has a coastal vibe that’s so irresistible, it practically pulls window shoppers inside. The lofty space is beautifully decorated with displays of beach-themed home accents, scented candles and body lotions, end tables and lamps made of natural wood, casual clothing for adults and infants, pendants and earrings, large oil paintings, tropical vine wall hangings, and much more. And every item has a story behind it.

“From the day the shop opened in 2009, the objective was to find as many unique, locally made artisanal products and responsibly sourced items as possible,” says Malia Bolen, who became the shop’s sole proprietor three years ago. “From furniture made from recycled Brazilian telephone poles and upcycled moldings from India to our locally created and designed brand, Tid Bits of Love, we strive to always work with artisans that are local and/or environmentally conscious.”

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“Our customers love knowing that the artisans are part of our community, and they are inspired by the creativity and the uniqueness of each item,” Malia says. She points out that throughout the store, no two types of art are the same. And no two days are the same. There is always something arriving, getting unwrapped, and being unveiled at Bliss 101. With such an ever-changing and intriguing inventory, it’s no surprise that the shop is a sure spot for finding handmade and out of the ordinary gifts. 

Beyond the merchandise, Malia gets a lot of praise for her talented staff. “They have a wonderful way of connecting with customers and sharing what is special and distinct about everything in the shop,” Malia says. “They even help with design and decorating ideas! I really couldn’t do this without them.”

Malia says she is always on the lookout for new artists’ work and will be introducing several this summer. To find out what’s next, follow Bliss 101 on Instagram and stop in on Encinitas Art Nights or anytime you’re strolling along Encinitas 101.

Owner Malia Bolen
Owner Malia Bolen
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1 Ray Kerckhoffs print and frame, $115 2 City candles, each $22 3 Nattidreads urban jewelry earrings, $68 4 Lola blue pillow, $89; Shala blue pillow with tassels, $79 5 Original pottery platter with shattered glass, $185

Bliss 101 | 553 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas 760.487.1900 | #bliss101 | bliss101.com