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Sunny days are ahead this season with resort ready footwear! It’s all in the details: ghillie ties are back in style again along with the stable block heel. Laser cut uppers are still going strong and offer unique design elements; and metallic and patent leathers offer versatile styling options. Comfort is elevated across the board with lots of cushioning, lightweight outsoles, and lower heel heights. Come visit and see our vacation and travel friendly footwear today!

Euro Comfort Footwear, 7777 Girard Avenue, La Jolla  858.459.4137 eurocomfortfootwear.com


Unique jewelry to fit every budget

Jewels by the Sea, 1237 Prospect Street, Suite B, La Jolla 858.459.5166 jewelsbythesea.biz

Claim to Frame

Solana Beach Art & Frame carries a large selection of beautiful and unique framing materials including fabrics and unusual moldings. With over 25 years of experience, this on-site frame shop is boutique in size but big on ideas and framing abilities. Their professional staff will work with you to customize and create a look for your art that is a cut above. They also carry a variety of local artwork for your viewing and buying pleasure. Artists on display include Jim McConlogue, Michelle Wintersteen, Doug Steakley and Erica Hopper. If nothing in-house suits your style, they also have art catalogs for you to select that perfect piece.

Solana Beach Art & Frame, 111 South Cedros Avenue, Suite 300, Solana Beach 858.793.1343 solanabeachartandframe.com


Local And Organic

Grab-and-Go goodies in Del Mar at

Elixir Local & Organic Juice and Food, 1446 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar 858.793.4663 elixirdelmar.com

Try a cold pressed juice or a quick shot!

DID YOU KNOW? Chiropractic care helps…Headaches, Migraines, Shoulder problems, Neck pain, Digestive issues, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Ear Infections, Carpal Tunnel, Diabetic Neuropathy, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Joint Problems

Life Chiropractic Center’s goal is to help restore and maintain the body’s natural state of ideal health.

Life Chiropractic Center 3065 Clairemont Drive, Suite B, San Diego 619.275.4343 lifechirocenter.com


At Curve Couture, owner Deirdre’s passion for fashion is evident in every buying trip she makes. She’s taking the hottest fashions from around the globe off the runways and onto the racks at the Curve Couture Boutique. Designers from France, Germany and Canada have Deirdre particularly excited for the looks this spring season. Some brands you’ll find at this trendy plus-size boutique include Avivit Yizhar (pictured above), Modesce, Eileen Fisher, Heydari, Heartstrings, Cheyenne and Staples.

Curve Couture, 415 South Cedros Avenue, Suite 160, Solana Beach 858.847.9100 curve-couture.com

Here are five tips for buying your next pair of running or walking shoes:

1. Right shoes for your gait!
Pronate? Supinate? Neutral striker? High arch? Low arch? No arch? Don’t know what those mean? Come to a professional to receive awesome advice on your mechanics! This is critical when purchasing your shoes.

2. Get a proper size fitting!
Size matters! Running shoes should always have a little more space than your dress shoes. They should be snug but never tight!

3. Right tread for the right terrain!
Shoes should be sticky and grippy for the trail, soft and spongy for the road and fast and flat for the track.

4. Right amount of shoe!
5K? 10K? Half or full marathon? Dog-walking? Trips around the block? You’ll want the right amount of shoe for the distance and training you’re doing.

5. Take a look at your old shoes!
They may indicate you were getting too much, not enough or just the right amount of support.


Get a proper fit at Just Run, 5490 La Jolla Boulevard, La Jolla 858.412.4247 justrunsd.com. Coming soon: Just Run 2.0 to 4S Ranch!


Ready to Grill?
Try My Grill, $30, and other BBQ cookbooks at

La Playa Books, 1026 Rosecrans Street, San Diego 619.226.2601 laplayabooks.com

Vitality Performance Balance Restoration
KOI Wellbeing provides personalized naturopathic care and customized treatment plans based on the science of who you are. They address the root cause of your symptoms through specialty lab testing which includes genetic profiling, hormones, neurotransmitters, digestive analysis and functional blood chemistries.

Their La Jolla location welcomes walk-ins for IV Therapy & Nutrient Injections for athletic performance, hydration, stress relief, sleep management and more.

KOI Wellbeing, 5632 La Jolla Boulevard, La Jolla 858.257.2808 koiwellbeing.com


Sarah Winter Dental, 7818 Ivanhoe Avenue, La Jolla 858.454.1500 sarahwinterdental.com


April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. At Sarah Winter Dental, this is a very big deal. Oral cancer is on the rise, and the statistics are alarming. It is a cancer with a low survival rate, and someone dies from it every hour in the US. Unfortunately, its low survival rate is due to late detection. It’s difficult to see the back areas of the tongue and throat, and cancer often doesn’t hurt until it’s advanced. Dr. Winter wants to make sure everyone who comes to her office is cancer-free and properly screened. That’s why her office uses fluorescence technology, a specialized light that helps her to identify oral cancer, pre-cancer, and other abnormal lesions at an earlier stage, allowing for earlier detection and treatment. During the months of April–June, Sarah Winter Dental is offering free oral cancer screenings. Please call their office to schedule your complimentary screening today.